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All dogs are wonderful. Some are heroes.

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Trey the Wonder-Dog
Generalissimo "Fiona" Fiferoni
Smokestack B. "Smokey Bear" a.k.a. "The Smoking Man"

What is a Hero Dog?

Very simply, any dog that has been to hell and back and retained their zest for life and their ability to love unconditionally is a Hero Dog. This title is not given lightly... Simply learning not to pee on the carpet does not a Hero Dog make! Here are the stories of four Hero Dogs that I've had the privilege to share my life with over the past few years.

Trey the Wonder-Dog

We met our Boxer Trey in the fall of 2008 when she was a sad, sick, 7-year-old ward of the Seattle Humane Society. She was epileptic, had a urinary infection, and a golf-ball-sized lump hanging from her left shoulder. No wonder the Humane Society gave us a steep discount on her adoption fee.

Over the next several years Trey blew a tendon in her knee and needed a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), she survived more than half a dozen cancerous tumors, and had rather strange surgery on her back-end to solve her urinary issues. Trey turned 12 in 2013 and was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. She finally told me she had had enough and left us on November 1, 2013. But she was a sweet, kind, loving old Boxer right to the end.

Why is Trey a Hero Dog?

She survived an extended stay at the Humane Society, survived cancer repeatedly, and took great care of her little sister Fiona.


Generalissimo "Fiona" Fiferoni

Fiona joined us as an unexpected Christmas gift in 2010. Her owners had brought her in to Bellevue Animal Hospital a few months prior to have her put down because of her extreme food and environmental allergies. The doctors all refused to hurt this beautiful soul, and so one of the staff members fostered her until we took her home. Indeed Fiona's allergies were terrible, but very strict control of her food and environment together with judicious advice and medication from her vets made for easy management of the issue. Then disaster struck.

In July of 2011 Fiona was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which is generally incurable in dogs. Since then Fiona has been through every chemotherapy treatment available, and a few types of alternative medicine as well. Unfortunately the battle was lost today on May 1st, 2012 but Fiona kept her sweet temper and beautiful smile through it all.

Why is Fiona a Hero Dog?

Despite narrowly avoiding a death sentence and battling incurable cancer for nearly a year she was still the sweetest, kindest dog on earth. Except that she tended to bite lawyers and bankers. You go, girl.



Smokestack B. "Smokey Bear" a.k.a. "The Smoking Man"

Smokey spent most of his early years locked in a crate with his brother Moulder. The story goes that Smokey and Moulder's owners divorced and simply left them in the crate, in the house when they moved out, whereupon they luckily were retrieved by a local rescue organization. Smokey was then adopted by a good family, but had to be given up after a near-fatal encounter with the family's cat.

He came to us by way of a wonderful foster mom that had put a lot of work into resolving Smokey's anxiety issues. He's still a skittish boy and agressive when he feels his territory is being violated, but he's getting better every day. He does a wonderful job of guarding his family day and night.

Why is Smokey a hero dog?

Having spent years locked in a crate virtually 100% of the time and having been abandoned in his home when his former owners moved out, this sweet guy fully deserves the title of Hero Dog.